About the Designer

RHCREATION's Richard Henderson

Belizean born fashion designer, 

won the title of Best Designer at Fashion Week San Diego. 

The design house known as RHCREATION, won over the judging audience votes from a total of 26 designers from all over the world whose designs graced the runway in this prestigious competition. The event, began October 4, featured 3 nights of fashion event showcasing each designer with approximately 2,500 people in attendance each night, ended with a trunk show event where the winner RHCREATION was announced.

The Designer for RHCREATION knew at a fairly young age what he wanted to do...to be creative. Richard Henderson, born and raised in Belize, Central America, grew up with a grandmother who sewed plus being surrounded by a very artistic family made his passion for designs emerge. At 17 years old after graduating high school (B.J.S.S. #1/now known as E.P. Yorke) he migrated to California where he studied and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and received numerous designs awards. Richard received his very first work experience at 19 years old assisting the world renowned designer Shelli Segal of Laundry for 7 years. All together, for the past 25 years he has been creatively working in the garment industry as designer and Art Director for well known American companies where his artistic creations are sold in major American department stores. With his well known knowledge, hands on experience, a passion for creating prints and a devoted eye for colors, Richard knew that his first step had guided him in the right direction to where he wanted to be. 

He is inspired by the multicultural mix and colors of the Caribbean.

Along with meeting his business partner who he met 13 years ago, with their combined artistic and creative ideas. RHCREATION was created out of wanting to branch out & pinpoint a certain demographic; the woman who was in need of Wearable & Fashionable Resort Wear. While competing in 3 nights of runway show competitions at FWSD & 8 months of creating 3 different lines, they debuted 2 of them at the Bi-Annual Swim Collective Trade Show in Huntington Beach, California. RHCREATIONResort Wear Dress was featured at the Art & Beauty Behind Fashion Seminar during Fashion Week San Diego. RHCREATION has been featured in Fashion Couture Magazine, Fine Magazine and News Exchange Magazine, on the Red Carpet and around town including the Daytime Emmy’s, BET Awards in Los Angeles, Funny Honey Asia Comedy Tour, Hollywood Improv and the Miss California Latina & Miss Teen California Latina to name a few. In 2010 RHCREATION is no stranger to the Belizean/Caribbean communities both at home and abroad. The design house was honored 3 years ago with the title of official designer for Queen of the Jewel, the official Miss Belize Pageant, where they provided costumes, 

swimsuits and opening number dresses for 

all winners and delegates.

RHCREATION winning Fashion Week San Diego collection of Resort Wear has been hailed as sexy sophistication with a Caribbean flare. From the bright colors to the water color print that depicts the exotic flowers of the Caribbean, the luxury sea side life style of San Diego and the tropical Caribbean flavor of Belize. The winning package includes many benefits, including designing their own shoe that was produced by the shoe company Naughty Monkey, who also has the license to produce shoes for 

Mega-Star Beyonce and House of Derion.

RHCREATION will soon be available in United States boutiques, department stores and to the vacation and resort wear trend setting women world-wide. Their collection takes you from the Poolside to the Party, from the Resort to the Restaurant. With a very versatile and flattering silhouette, our designs have been secretly referred to as "Forgiving". 

This basically means that RHCREATION flatters the parts of 

your body you love the most, 

and conceals the ones 

we sometimes don't. 

RHCREATION is a must-see fashion experience. 

RHCREATION designs can be viewed on the website

www.RHCREATION.com or by appointment.

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